BIOL10002 Biomolecules & Cells and BIOL10003 Genes & Environment

Cover of Life text book


Sadava D, Hillis D, Heller C, Berenbaum M 2012, Life: the science of biology, 10th edition, WH Freeman and Co, Gordonsville VA.

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BIOL10001 Biology of Australian Flora & Fauna; BIOL10004 Biology of Cells and Organisms; and BIOL10005 Genetics & The Evolution of Life

Cover of Biology text book

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Knox B, Ladiges P, Evans B and Saint R 2014, Biology, An Australian Focus, 5th edition, McGraw Hill, Nth Ryde NSW, ISBN: 9781743073414

Students do not need to purchase a copy of this textbook. An online version will be made available via the LMS.